Minus the paparazzi intrusion, it would be cool to have celebrities as your neighbors. They would invite you over for parties, and when they were sick of all their free designer clothes, they would toss ’em to you. Doesn’t that sound nice? Zillow released the results of their annual Zillow Celebrity Neighbor Survey on whom Americans would love to have as their neighbor—come see the results!

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Americans voted Jimmy Fallon the most desirable celebrity neighbor of 2014, and we can totally see why. He’s the happiest guy on the planet, so he’d never complain about your tree dropping leaves in his yard or anything, and he has tons of celebrity pals who’d always be stopping by.

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As for the least desirable neighbors, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West won that honor. I feel like paparazzi and parties would be a real concern with them, but otherwise I’d definitely want to be their neighbor. Hello, you could have first dibs on North West baby-sitting duties!

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