Kate Middleton continues to do things her way—and we love her ever more for it! A Palace source says that Kate and William may forgo a formal portrait of their son and could release personal pics, instead.

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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have spent the first few weeks of Prince George‘s life hanging out with Kate’s parents in Bucklebury, and one can imagine why they would not want to interrupt the peace with a stuffy photographer. A source speculates to People that Kate herself may snap the pics, which could be distributed via their website and social media. How modern!

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There’s something immensely sweet about the idea that somewhere in the English countryside, Kate is aiming her iPhone at her baby and putting filters over his cute face, trying to figure out which ones to send to her friends (i.e. us, the world). No matter which way Kate and Will choose, Georgie will still likely go the formal portrait route for his christening in the fall.

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