Tila Tequila‘s attempt to make sure she is the focus of every story about the passing of Johnson & Johnson heiress Casey Johnson has taken a surreal turn, with the silicon-inflated reality star claiming that she plans to adopt Casey’s adopted daughter Ava.

In a new interview with Extra, Tila claims that Ava’s last wish “was to have Ava, have me have Ava.”

That’s odd, because just a week ago Tila said that Casey’s last wish had been to smear Casey’s former friend who’d charged the heiress with burglary. Also, Tila didn’t know about Casey’s death until after it was reported online, so — unless she’s hearing voices from the grave (which is possible, considering who we’re talking about) — it would be slightly difficult for Tila to have any idea what Casey was wishing for.

Kazakhstan-born Ava was adopted by Casey in 2007. Casey’s mother was subsequently given custody of the little girl when it was determined that the heiress was unable to properly care for a child.

Speaking of family tension, Tila says the Johnson family refused to share funeral details with her (perhaps afraid she’d show up wearing cutoff jean shorts?) and for that reason, Tila says Casey is “not resting in peace right now. She has come to me in my dreams.”

Though the cause of death is yet to be determined, Tila is certain that Casey’s passing was not self-inflicted. “I know for a fact, because Casey was so excited for our life together,” she explains to Extra. “I know for a fact it was not suicide… I know it was an accident because she did have a sleeping problem.”

Tune in to Wednesday’s show for more of “Extra’s” interview with Tila Tequila.

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