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30+ Celebrities Who Have Two First Names

Today we got the news that Darren Criss (Blain on Glee!) is putting out new music! He’s setting out on a solo tour this summer and we’re pretty pumped.

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But what we’re really getting at here is that Darren Criss has two first names, and so do tons—like, literally dozens—of other celebrities. Whether they were born with two first names (or three, in the case of Sean Willliam Scott and Jonathan Taylor Thomas) or dropped their real last name and used their middle one professionally (hi, Lea Michele and Rachel Zoe!), we’ve got a complete list of 30+ stars whose first and last names are interchangeable.

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Check out the full list below! Did we miss any big two-first-namers? Who’s your favorite out of all the ones we included? Tweet us @OKMagazine or tell us below in the comments!

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