When Courtney Stodden married Doug Hutchison on May 20, 2011, she became a paparazzi darling and made headlines for loads of reasons. For starters she was only 16, and he was 51! Also, the Washington native seemed to look different every time she went out for those shutterbugs to capture with their lenses. Her evolving look had many wondering if she had a frequent visitor card for plastic surgery!

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Since the beginning of her fame Courtney has tried many careers to maintain her celebrity all while her relationship with her much older actor-husband had its ups and downs. She flirted with the idea of trying to become a singer. Courtney even hopped across the pond to try her hand at reality TV!

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So many aspects of her 15 minutes of fame — which doesn’t seem to be ticking down just yet — have raised a variety of questions. Find out the latest about Courtney from questions about her marriage and divorce, to the latest on her singing career and much more. If there are Courtney Stodden questions, these are the must-see answers!

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