Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were one of the sexiest, most glamorous and headline-grabbing couples in Hollywood history. From their scandalous beginnings — he was married to Jennifer Aniston when they first met — to their globetrotting romance and six children. This was a couple that was expected to last.

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Like so many other Hollywood stars who have married, Brad and Angie completely fell apart within a couple of years of getting hitched. Many rumors flew about their hookup behind Jennifer’s back on the set of their thrilling film. Years later, many more rumors would focus on why this couple would break it off. It was the split heard around the world.

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Their entire relationship history gets dissected from sensationalized beginnings to tragic endings in the following slideshow. After all, we are talking about six kids who now have parents leading separate lives … Brangelina may be over, but our fascination with the power couple shows no signs of fading.

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