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Did Kim Kardashian Confirm Her, Khloe & Kylie’s Pregnancy News Weeks Ago?

The reality star shared quite the sneaky photo before her baby announcement.

Kim Kardashian may have let the world know about her family’s baby news weeks ago! (Nothing like a good ol’ Kardashian conspiracy theory to get you through your day) With Khloe Kardashian, Kim, and Kylie Jenner all reportedly being pregnant at the same (da*n) time (Kim’s the only one who has confirmed her pregnancy via surrogate), fans have been digging through the reality TV stars’ past tweets, reality show episodes, Snapchats, and really anything they can get their hands on for any clue the Kar-Jenner clan may have given about their family baby boom. And after nearly two weeks of searching, it looks like fans finally got their pregnancies confirmation in the form of a throwback Instagram post from none other than Miss Kim.

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