People love to talk about great ‘overnight success’ stories in Hollywood, but more often than not it hasn’t been such a speedy rise. Jeannie Mai is suddenly popping up everywhere! One minute we don’t know who she is, the next minute she’s everywhere, right? Wrong! Jeannie has had to pay her dues, and now her star is definitely beaming. In February 2019, the makeup artist fashion consultant cohost premiered her solo web series, Hello Hunnay.

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Jeannie, like many millennials, is an active Instagrammer but SURPRISE! she’s not a millennial at all. Those who follow Jeannie know she’s casually stepping through her 40s like she’s 25. Though she’s had her share of setbacks and heartbreak including a divorce in 2017, Jeannie is paving a happy and healthy future for herself and others.

Her Instagram is a constant feed of positivity, selfies and paid partnerships. With the possibility of being featured on her show don’t be surprised if those fitness partnerships continue to grow. Jeannie has been super clear that her health is her priority.

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Although Jeannie is not actually new to the public eye, it seems like she is finally getting the opportunity to brand herself in a memorable and effective way. Being a cohost is a challenging job, but she has held her own with her The Real cohosts. It’s hard to make a name for yourself when you have to share the spotlight — especially when one of your cohosts is Tamera Mowry-Housley. Many cohosts of big shows have arrived with a major following — Barbara Walters, Whoopi Goldberg, Sharon Osbourne, etc. But for those who are able to make a name for themselves from within a group of outspoken female cohosts? That definitely takes pizazz.




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