Sure, there are only a few episodes of The Bachelor Winter Games, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t full-to-the-brim with enough shocking moments to make you cry, laugh, and scream at your screen. The contestants pack a lot of love into the spinoff with an especially juicy season finale.

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OMG moment from the Olympic games!

You have to hand to the contestants not only for all of the jaw-dropping moments in The Bachelor Winter Games, but also for their commitment to love. They have longer lasting relationships than that other spinoff Bachelor In Paradise and more couples come out of the show. Maybe, it’s the cold weather that makes everyone want to cuddle? Whatever it is, the winter-Olympics-like dating show proves that “baby it’s cold outside, but warm inside.”

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Love is the universal language. Ok! Magazine recaps the most shocking moments from the winter Olympics. See who takes home the gold for the most OMG! moment on the hit show!

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