Fans of 19 Kids And Counting have been waiting for Tuesday, the day where Jill Duggar and husband Derick Dillard will make “a really big announcement.”

Speculation has been that the announcement will be the gender of the baby, but others believe it may be bigger!

Duggar, who is in her second trimester, and Dillard gave a small hint about the announcement in a TLC video last week. The couple also updated their fans about Jill’s condition and their predictions for the gender of the baby.

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Jill previously told that the couple would announce the gender of the baby to fans prior to the birth, leading fans to believe this will be the big reveal.

But fans also believe Jill and Derick may announce that they are having twins.

One commenter on the family’s website wrote: “Pretty sure twins. I know that the married couple was already given 2 car seats so that’s a dead giveaway. But also looking at Jill’s pregnancy pictures she is showing more in her stomach versus others at this stage.

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Others believe the announcement will be a spin off-show! It wouldn’t be out of the question, since the couple admitted they want to have a large family.

Or, drumroll…Maybe the big announcement is all of the above: twins, their gender and a new show!

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