Grant Kemp is through with pretending that he and his ex-fiancé Lace Morris had an amicable breakup. The Bachelor in Paradise star revealed to Us Weekly that his relationship with the emotional contestant was exactly the opposite.

“It was a very volatile relationship,” Grant told the mag.

“I did everything I could to protect her when we did break up. I put out in the media that it was mutual and was respectful enough to do that,” he explained. “I definitely still hope the best for her.”

Although the couple broke up in November, Grant is speaking out now after Lace has baited him with some questionable tactics, including posting a photo on her Instagram with another of Grant’s exes.

“Recently, I’ve seen that Lace is doing some things to try to get my attention. She’s been hanging out with my ex, Jen [Green], the one who blew me up in the tabloids, and posting on Instagram,” Grant said.

“I don’t play those Instagram caption games. I’m an adult,” he added.

Lace, meanwhile, said their split “hurt” and was surprised by how quickly Grant moved on from their relationship.

“Grant seemed to move on a little bit quicker than I expected him to after our breakup, so I was a little shocked by that,” she told Us Weekly in January. “But I took my time for myself, and I am healthy.”

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