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Lupita Nyong’o showed us that lip balm was an Oscars clutch must-have, (she wears Clarins!) but what were all the other celebs carting around in their miniature handbags? If they rocked smoldering eyes or a dramatic pout crafted by celebrity makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury, chances are they’re carrying luxe products to touch up the look! Because FYI: smeared lipstick isn’t cute.

Charlotte Tilbury, the woman behind Penelope Cruz’s alluring eye makeup, says that if she’s creating a bold lip look, she’ll always hand over the lipstick and lip liner for them to give it a boost later on in the night. What else? Face powder! “The lights on the red carpet can often lead to a shiny complexion,” explains Charlotte. Keep reading our Q&A with Charlotte to learn more behind-the-scenes Oscars makeup secrets!

OK! Magazine: How long does it take to do a makeup look?
Charlotte Tilbury: Around an hour and a half to two hours.

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OK!: What facials and spa experiences are done prior to Oscar night?
CT: I always say to do any spa treatments two days before, just in case there is any redness or swelling. The night before, it’s important to drink lots of water and moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. There are many amazingly effective non-invasive skincare treatments these days that take immediate effect, making them the perfect prep for an occasion like the Oscars where you want everything to be flawless. Vitamin boosts, laser, and red light therapy can be incredibly effective at rewinding the clock for movie star skin.

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OK!: What are some unusual tools used behind-the-scenes for beauty looks?
An LED torch is my behind-the-scenes must-have because you don’t always have the best lights when doing make-up in a hotel room or a bedroom. A torch is a must-have for helping me to see while I am creating the look.The torch mimics the lights from flashbulbs on the red carpet that can be so revealing.

OK!: Why do you like working with Penelope Cruz?
She’s like a modern day Sophia Loren and the ultimate Silver Screen Icon. Her face is makeup artist’s dream, and she isn’t afraid of makeup, which is so refreshing. It allows me to really smoke up her eyes and give her that perfect pout she is so famous for.

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