Most smart makeup artists will tell their clients that diet and nutrition are essential to maintaining even, young-looking skin. But celebrity makeup artist Kevin James Bennett knows it first hand. His experience with a specific amino acid supplements was so transformative, he’s officially given up his Botox injections and is touting his new discovery far and wide.

Previously reported by Radar Online, Bennett admits that keeping an eye out for the next new product is part of his job description.  “I have access to every topical potion and procedure to rejuvenate skin. I’ve taken all kinds of supplements that are supposed to work from the inside out to make your skin look better and younger,” he explained. And after just four weeks taking amino acid supplements like SeroVital, Bennet was being asked to divulge his new mystery treatment.

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A skeptic when it comes to most “miracle” products, Bennett was truly surprised by the many benefits he noticed from the amino acids. “I’ve never seen a real difference with many of the products I have tried and I wasn’t expecting a visible change in my appearance from SeroVital, much less one that has been noticed by others,” he said. “People in my industry were commenting about how great my skin looked.”

The visible difference in his overall skin texture lead Bennet to make some pretty big beauty adjustments. His regimen of skin-tightening injections were permanently put on hold. “Here’s the biggest shock—I haven’t touched up my Botox in 10 months, which means it’s gone, yet people are still commenting about how much ‘better’ I look. This skeptic has been schooled,”he said.

The disappearance of many of his fine lines and wrinkles aren’t the only proof of SeroVital’s power. His energy levels are noticeably higher, and he’s even lost weight. His midday slump is long gone. For someone over 50 who works as hard as Bennett, that’s a big bonus.

“After using SeroVital for less than a month, I noticed I was sleeping more soundly/deeply and in turn, I was waking up more refreshed and recharged,” he said. “By combining SeroVital with a moderately healthy diet, my stamina has increased and my fluctuating weight has actually decreased and stabilized. I’m even feeling stronger.”

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Thankfully the key to flawless skin and increased energy isn’t saved exclusively for celebrity makeup artists. The magic lies in a unique combination of human growth hormone (hGH) and amino acids. HGH is a hormone that–among many things–is in charge of increasing collagen production. Collagen is a protein that helps skin stay firm and retain its elasticity. As you age, production of both hGH and collagen naturally slow down, and without enough of the protein, skin has a hard time maintaing it’s structure and resilience.

Mehmet Oz, M.D. recently discussed a new study on an episode of the Dr. Oz show that proved SeroVital can actually boost hGH levels by up to 600 percent. When taken on an empty stomach, amino acid supplements like SeroVital can work as an anti-aging system, naturally increasing the body’s hGH, which can transform the appearance and texture of skin. With SeroVital, younger-looking skin is now more accessible and achievable than ever before.

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