It’s not like Ke$ha planned on leaving her hair in a rainbow of hues for long, people. That was only for the time being, you see. The celeb known for her dramatic beauty and style choices has had yet another interaction with hair dye. Did you think she went back to the basics of hair care and is going darker for the winter? Yeah, right. Ke$ha dipped her strands in pink and blue.

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When the celeb rocks a center-part, you can see that she clearly had a vision for where the pastel hues were to be placed. Ke$ha still let her blonde locks shine through in strands and on her roots—an addition that actually made the pink and blue colors look kind of natural. Back in the end of September, she rocked an ombréd rainbow look with super dark roots. It’s not even a month later, and she’s at it again. That’s how a trendsetter takes hair coloring.

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