Even though you might still be recovering from Sunday's premieres of What Would Ryan Lochte Do? and Married to Jonas, the celeb reality shows just keep comin'. Tonight marks the premiere of Ke$ha's series, My Crazy Beautiful Life, and having already seen the episode (thanks, MTV!), we can tell you this—it's going to be crazy. We sorta feel like it's the small-screen version of Katy Perry's 3D film Part Of Me, which is fine by us cause that movie rocked last summer.

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But moving right along, here's 5 things you'll learn about Ke$ha from watching the very first episode. Some of you die-hard Animals might already know these things, but regardless…

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1. Ke$ha has a nephew and a hot brother. Her brother is actually the one who taped the whole series while Ke$ha was on tour. The very first (well, second) scene of the pilot opens up with Kesha feeding her nephew and giving a tearful goodbye to her mom before she leaves for the UK, and seeing this family side to Ke$ha is a pretty nice change.

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2. Ke$ha really hates Perez Hilton. Perez showed up to Ke$ha's show in LA, but she made it really clear that she didn't want him there because he wrote tons of mean things about her on his websiteTell us how you really feel, though…

3. Ke$ha likes to get drunk after her shows. She's already wearing the glitter and the fishnets so might as well make a night out of it, right?

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4. Ke$ha took her best friend, Savannah, to Scotland with her, and they were on the quest for ginger beards.  Everyone knows about Ke$ha's love of facial hair, but add in a redhead and a Scottish accent and basically chaos ensues.

5. Ke$ha creeps on her ex boyfriend just like the rest of us. In one scene where Ke$ha drives to her ex-boyfriend Harold's house (the same Harold who is her muse and who Ke$ha has written tons of songs about) to creep on him and his new girlfriend, we were like, "OMG, been there, done that." Good to know pop stars are just like us.

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My Crazy Beautiful Life premieres tonight at 11pm on MTV! Are you going to tune in? What do you hope to learn about Ke$ha by watching the show? Tweet us @OKMagazine!

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