5 Things to Know About The Newsroom Star Hamish Linklater

I am sooo happy that Hamish Linklater will be on this season of HBO’s The Newsroom. Even if he plays a total douche on the show (and not that he does), I will still be happy to see him there. His character Jerry Dantana, comes to work at ACN while Jim (John Gallagher, Jr.) is away on the Romney campaign.

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Now some people might not share my immediate excitement, but give it a few episodes and you’ll get there. For the people saying “Wait, who is she even talking about?” here are a few things about Hamish Linklater you need to know.

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1. He played Julia Louis-Dreyfus brother Matthew on The New Adventures of Old Christine, bringing a ton of the laughs—even next to Julia, the funniest person on the planet! If you haven’t seen this show, please set your DVR to record the reruns now. They are on Lifetime everyday. Maybe after The Newsroom we can get him a little cameo on Veep to pair up with Julia again? Please?

Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Hamish Linklater on The New Adventures of Old Christine
Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Hamish Linklater on The New Adventures of Old Christine

2. If you’re thinking, “No, I know him from somewhere else”, perhaps it is: Lola Versus with Greta Gerwig (a personal favorite of mine), the American Dreams TV show, Fantastic Four, The Big C, Battleship or 42? Chances are you’ve seen him pop up on screen somewhere.

3. And if not? You will. He stars in the brand new CBS show The Crazy Ones this fall with, no biggie, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Robin Williams! Plus, he’ll be starring in the next Woody Allen movie. Not too shabby!

Hamish Linklater in Seminar
Hamish Linklater in Seminar

4. Hamish isn’t just a regular on the screen, he’s also held down the stage. He has starred in Broadway shows such as Seminar and most recently The Comedy of Errors with Modern Family‘s Jesse Tyler Ferguson as part of the Shakespeare in the Park series. His acting on stage led to him write his own play The Vandal, which is not too surprising considering many members of his family are also writers.

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5. And even with all that going on, Hamish is dad to 6-year-old Lucinda Rose. Pretty name!

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