Anthony Pazos Talks Learning To 'Sink or Swim' on 'LA Hair'

AP HiRes BobbyQ 7.17 LA Hair’s second season is in full swing on WEtv and the folks over at Kim Kimble’s popular salon are as dramatic and hilarious as ever. Celeb hair guru Anthony Pazos talks about what fans can expect from the rest of the season and how they coerce some of their famous clients to step into the hair chair on camera.

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OK!: What can we expect to see this season on LA Hair?

Anthony Pazos: This season you can expect to see fabulous guest stars. You can expect a lot of drama. With stylists, even though we’re fabulous, I think we all want to be the center of attention and so that tends to be a problem sometimes. We’re always fighting for the attention and we’re just loud-mouthed and passionate. We always have something to say. There’s always conflict with something, but the cool thing is we have this common denominator which is hair, so we come together with that. But personalities are always clashing. It will be entertaining and funny. We’re funny. We’re crazy, we’re ridiculous, we’re outspoken, but we’re funny, which is nice. I like that.

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OK!: What appealed to you about doing a reality show?

AP: I’ve done bits on camera with my friend and everyone was like, “Anthony, you’re so funny. You’re so entertaining. You need to be on a reality show.” Everyone just kept saying that so I was like, “Maybe you’re right.” It originally started off with my creating a storyline for my own reality show with my parents and our family dynamic and then what ended up happening was I auditioned for a show called Hair Battle Spectacular on TLC. I made it all the way to the end and it fell through. But they remembered me and a year later the producers called me back for this show, LA Hair. I came in and talked to the executive producer and was just being myself and it stuck. It worked.

OK!: On the first season you were the new guy thrown into the mix with Kim Kimble, who is an industry icon. What was that like?

AP: Going in at first I was really nervous and intimidated but I realized that to survive in this new world I was coming into I had to kill it and fit in or it was totally not going to work. It was sink or swim and I decided to swim. They’re just people and even though it’s a different circumstance I could be myself and be funny and have a good time and learn something new. It was fun.

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OK!: Having your hair done can be a private experience for people, is it hard to get your celeb clients to participate in the show?

AP: Getting your hair done is a very vulnerable space to be in because your hair is wet, it’s limp, your mascara may be sliding because of the moisture in the air. At first it is a little difficult to convince these celebrities but basically what we do, it’s not scripted, but we have a little control so we’ll do their makeup beforehand so they feel glamorous. I’m thankful for the celebrity clients that came on the show for me. Thank you, thank you!

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