Bringing Up Bates Preview Clip: Michaella Bates' Courtship Gets Serious

Much like the Duggars did on 19 Kids & Counting with Jessa’s then-boyfriend, Ben Seewald, the Bates family is welcoming a new house guest on this week’s Bringing Up Bates—and it’s Brandon, with whom their daughter Michaella is in a courtship! Kelly and Gil invite Brandon to come stay with the Bates family so he can get to know the family a little bit better, and clearly, with that many people around, he’s in for a lot more than he bargained for. Good thing he brought candy to butter everyone up! But will this two-week long stay lead to an engagement for the young couple?!

WATCH: Michaella Bates Reveals When She Wants T0 Get Married

Watch the clip above and tune into a new episode of Bringing Up Bates Thursday at 9pm on UP to find out!

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