Bringing Up Bates Preview: Michaella Bates Reveals When She Plans On Getting Married


Three of the Bates kids are already married off—could Bates daughter Michaella be next? In the below clip from this week’s episode of Bringing Up Bates, Michaella talks about her courtship with Brandon and their wedding plans. But then Gil and Kelly chime in and say why another Bates engagement may not be coming anytime soon…

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Also on Thursday’s episode, Gil and Kelly teach discipline to the youngest kids. The older kids claim that their parents have gotten more lax over the years and that the younger ones don’t know what being strict is, but watch this clip to decide for yourself:

And in this clip, watch the kids “train up,” which is the Bates system where the kids line up in age order to keep things organized when out in public. This method will surely help when Kelly takes the 11 youngest kids to her mother’s home for a visit!

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