Day 4 of Oscar Pistorius' Murder Trial: Why He Broke Done in Tears

Today marked day four of Oscar Pistorius‘ murder trial, and it proved an emotional few hours for the track star. Yet another neighbor and witness to the murder scene gave his testimony, but it seems it might help Pistorius’ defense. Here are the updates:

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1. Neighbor Johan Stipp—who happens to be a doctor—described arriving on the scene of Reeva Steenkamp’s murder after hearing gunshots. He said he was surprised to learn that Pistorius had not called an ambulance yet when he arrived, despite the grisly scene. That seemed like damning testimony, but…

2. Stipp found Pistorius desperately trying to save Steenkamp, and screaming and praying for her life. “He definitely wanted her to live, yes. He looked sincere to me. He was crying. There were tears on his face,” he said.

3. Pistorius broke down in court and covered his head protectively as the doctor described the more graphic aspects of the scene, like the appearance of Steenkamp’s brain tissue and the milky appearance of her eyes.

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