OK! Exclusive: Watch The Cast Invent Hilarious New Internet Slang On Tonight's Girl Code Season Premiere

Oh, so that’s how memes are made! MTV’s Girl Code returns tonight with its fourth season, and it’s a good thing because oh man, did we miss Nicole Byer, Quinn, Awkwafina and crew during their hiatus. And the show is switching things up this time around. Instead of just being talking heads putting comedic commentary on things like relationships, diets, and girls night out, the cast will also be starring in a ton of hilarious sketches on various topics throughout the season.

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And here we have your exclusive first look at one of these skits in which some of the comedians get in a room to brainstorm potential new internet slang terms. Though Nicole doesn’t seem too keen on Daryl‘s ideas, we’ve got to admit that “ambitchious” is kind of genius.

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Watch the three-minute clip above to see what other genius slang words the guys come up with, and don’t forget—Girl Code premieres tonight and will be on every Wednesday at 10pm on MTV!

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