Fit And Fabulous! Chelsea Houska Weight Loss Secrets Revealed

The teen mom looks amazing... find out how she got that body.

Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska has been kicking around social media for years so her fans have been able to fully keep up-to-date with the latest and greatest happenings in her life. Chelsea Houska’s weight loss efforts, for example, have been of great interest to her followers and, luckily for them, the reality star has shared a lot of her health and fitness secrets.

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While her Teen Mom 2 co-stars, like Kailyn Lowry and Leah Messer, haven’t been as health conscious, Chelsea has definitely dedicated herself to living her best life when it comes to making healthy choices and getting regular exercise. When a fan asked her on Twitter in 2017: “How’d you get back in the best shape ever after baby? You look awesome,” Chelsea was more than happy to share her secret: “Omg girl. I’m on a strict/low carb diet, it was not easy! But I’m 10 lbs less than I was before I got pregnant, so it’s been worth it!”

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Early Instagram Days
Back in Chelsea’s earliest Insta posts, she looked great, no doubt, but consider this 2012 pic as a baseline to see just how much her body has changed with eating right and exercising.

My love

A post shared by Chelsea DeBoer (@chelseahouska) on


Kissy Selfie
By 2013, Houska was looking decidedly thinner in the face, as seen in this pic of her “kissyselfie.” Maybe it’s just the duck lips, but she definitely had some sweet cheek bones going on.

? #kissyselfie #mirror

A post shared by Chelsea DeBoer (@chelseahouska) on


Juicing for Success
Chelsea started taking to Instagram to show off some of her healthier choices, like this juicy combo of fruits and vegetables.

A little juicey to start the day ?

A post shared by Chelsea DeBoer (@chelseahouska) on


Grilling Healthy
Chelsea also posted an example of the grilled protein and veggies she cooked for dinner to show fans an example of her food choices.

A little Sunday grilling with my lover @calliraexo ???

A post shared by Chelsea DeBoer (@chelseahouska) on


Slim and Trim
Chelsea looked crazy amazing in this 2013 mirror selfie, showing off just how much all those fruits and vegetables were agreeing with her.

Bout to have some Sunday fun with my munchkin

A post shared by Chelsea DeBoer (@chelseahouska) on


Food Prep Made Easy
Chelsea shared the contents of a Blue Apron meal box she was trying out, which included meat and vegetables (all of which looked fantastic and yummy).


Pool Vibes
Chelsea may not have been seen so clearly in this pic, but the reality star was definitely living her best life, floating along in the pool, sporting a bikini.

Yeeeees?☀Sunday funday at my casa

A post shared by Chelsea DeBoer (@chelseahouska) on


Messy Selfie
Chelsea looked so svelte in this leather pants outfit that fans barely noticed the mess behind her and instead commented on her weight loss.

Leather pants and messy hotel rooms

A post shared by Chelsea DeBoer (@chelseahouska) on


Noticeable Results
Chelsea has shared so many happy moments on Instagram and on this pic one fan commented: “Lost so much weight! You look great girl.”

Oh, I like him ?

A post shared by Chelsea DeBoer (@chelseahouska) on


Cardio Goals
Chelsea gave fans a clue of the hard work she had been doing to achieve such amazing results, captioning this pic: “Decided to add a little more cardio to my routine. 3 days crossfit 2 days kickboxing.”


Barbell Queen
Chelsea has showed off some of her impressive barbell moves in a number of videos on Instagram, including this one captioned “Squat cleans!”

Squat cleans!#metabolicfitnesscenter @roguefitness @reebok

A post shared by Chelsea DeBoer (@chelseahouska) on


Fit Profile
The results of Chelsea’s clean eating and workout efforts are clearly seen in this 2015 pic, with one fan commenting: “You are looking really good girl!! Keep up the hard work!!”

Love you @brittneeshort ??

A post shared by Chelsea DeBoer (@chelseahouska) on


Legs That Won’t Quit
Chelsea may have been sharing some of the fun gifts she got for her kids, but fans were loving her muscular, strong legs.

Always gotta bring home a little something for the kiddos! @javim9 #newyork

A post shared by Chelsea DeBoer (@chelseahouska) on


Arm Muscles
Chelsea’s arms were equally impressive, as seen in this 2015 bikini pic—a reminder that all that barbell time she’d been putting in at the gym was working.

You ma best frand @coledeboer

A post shared by Chelsea DeBoer (@chelseahouska) on


Bikini Goals
Nothing says that gym time is paying off quite like an amazing bikini pic and Chelsea proved that her workouts were yielding huge results.

@coledeboer ☀

A post shared by Chelsea DeBoer (@chelseahouska) on


New Moves
Chelsea posted this video showing a different form of pull ups that she was trying to perfect, captioning the video: “Trying to switch from kipping to butterfly pull ups annnd I can’t keep the flow going but in my defense this was AFTER the workout so I was pretty drained already.”


Top Form
Chelsea’s commitment to fitness in gym pics clearly showed that she was putting in the effort and was getting stronger every day.

Back off @kadel2323 ..I got this. –#metabolicfitnesscenter

A post shared by Chelsea DeBoer (@chelseahouska) on


Can You Say Muscles?
Chelsea’s bulging biceps and muscular legs were on full display in this Insta pic from 2015 that showed her weightlifting form was total perfection.


Waist Training Results
Chelsea pulled up her shirt to reveal the waist trainer she had been using for two months. It’s not like she needed it, but it’s nice that she shared all her little tips with fans.


Shake It Up
Chelsea also shared that she drinks protein shakes before she works out, yet another tip that her fans were glad to learn.

Love. @proteinworld !!!! ???????

A post shared by Chelsea DeBoer (@chelseahouska) on


Multi-Tasking Mama
In this pic, Chelsea showed the waist trainer in action—sure, you can help you kid do homework and work on trimming your waist!


Carb Blockers
Though Chelsea has said she eats a low carb diet, she still had these carb blockers on the backup, as she noted: “Fighting carbs in 2016! Thanks @proteinworld.”

Fighting carbs in 2016! Thanks @proteinworld

A post shared by Chelsea DeBoer (@chelseahouska) on


Fitness Goals
Chelsea might have been showing off a flat iron in this pic, but fans were plenty jealous of the Teen Mom 2 star’s fit body in a tank top.


Preparing for Liftoff
Chelsea prepared to heft some major weight in this 2016 lifting pic. Impressive!

Powaaaa cleanzzz

A post shared by Chelsea DeBoer (@chelseahouska) on


Deadlift Queen
Chelsea demonstrated the deadlift in action, noting: “Tryin to get those nice legs and buns #summerbod #weddingbod.”


Waist Training Winner
Does waist training work? Chelsea gave an update, writing: “It’s been almost a year since I started waist training and I have lost so many inches around my waist!”


Bikini Ready
Yep, Chelsea clearly put in the work and saw the results, as evidenced by this 2016 pool shot.


A post shared by Chelsea DeBoer (@chelseahouska) on


Post Baby 2017
Chelsea started showing off her post-baby body in the months after Watson Cole was born and looked like she was absolutely glowing.

He’s the cutest??

A post shared by Chelsea DeBoer (@chelseahouska) on


Halloween Beauty
What a fun family pic! Chelsea’s cute Halloween costume got plenty of compliments, with one fan noting: “Whoa what have you been doing?! That’s the best shape I think I’ve ever seen you.”

A post shared by Chelsea DeBoer (@chelseahouska) on

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