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Jeannie Mai Is Getting Her Own TV Show! What Does This Mean For The Future Of ‘The Real’?

The daytime host is teaming up with her mom to create a ‘docu-comedy.’

Jeannie Mai is getting her own TV show — with her famous Mama Mai!

The Real co-host dropped the trailer for the new show, called Mai Oh Mai, on Instagram, and captioned it, “Welp, here’s a lil teaser to a special project I’ve been working on FOR YOU. It’s a show called #MaiOhMai..about @themamamai who’s moved in with me and the adventures with my Viet American family.”

The trailer features dozens of hilarious interactions between Jeannie and her mom, Olivia TuTram Mai, who has become a celebrity in her own right after guest appearances on The Real. The show follows the mother-daughter pair as Mama Mai moves in with Jeannie following her divorce from husband Freddy Harteis. “I’m very proud. But I don’t want to tell [you] because I don’t want [you] to be stuck up. That’s Asian style,” Mama Mai jokes in the trailer.

“Mother and daughter relationships are all I see across Hollywood right now, but you haven’t seen something like me and Mama Mai,” Jeannie quips.

44 Blue Productions, the same company behind Wahlburgers and Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry, produced the show, which doesn’t seem to have been picked up by a network yet. “Meet the woman who drove television host Jeannie Mai to run away from home as a teenager when she was 16,” the trailer’s description reads on YouTube. “Now that Jeannie is getting divorced, Mama Mai has moved back in. It’s a docu-comedy featuring a Hollywood celebrity and her unconventional Vietnamese family who are all chasing the American dream by any ASIAN means necessary.”

Jeannie encouraged fans to comment or repost the trailer using the hashtag #MaiOhMai “to let me know if you guys would want to watch this.”

If the show gets picked up, Jeannie will have to split her time between the docu-comedy and The Real.

Watch the trailer for Mai Oh Mai above! Do you think Jeannie will stay on The Real if Mai Oh Mai is picked up by a network? Sound off in the comments below.

Sound off in the comments below!

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