WATCH: Justin Bieber And Hailey Baldwin Get Handsy On A Jetski In Miami

Bienvenida a’ Miami! Justin Bieber has spent the past few days vacationing on various beaches around the country, galavanting from Hawaii to Miami, Florida. And once he got to Miami, the Biebs was joined by his lady friend Hailey Baldwin—and let’s just say that these two were looking like a whole lot more than “just friends” on that jet ski!

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Justin and Hailey went for a whirl on a jet ski where Hailey held onto Justin during the ride. Afterwards, Justin and Hailey walked far apart from each other but both stopped to pose for photos with fans. And if their flirty-ness isn’t proof that these two might actually be dating, Justin’s little brother Jaxon was also on the trip. And you know what it means when you start introducing your female friends to your family, right?!

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Watch the video above to see Justin and Hailey on the jet ski and their subsequent fan interactions. Do you think they’re actually dating? Tweet us @OKMagazine.

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