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Kelly Ripa Is Convinced She Knows Who Arie Luyendyk Jr. Will Choose On ‘The Bachelor’ Finale

The talk show host has an interesting theory about the former racecar driver’s fiancé

Kelly Ripa is almost certain she knows who Arie Luyendyk Jr. will choose at the end of his Bachelor journey.

While talking to the 36-year-old former racecar driver on Live With Kelly and Ryan on Monday, Kelly brought up the show’s “missing contestant,” Bekah Martinez — who was removed from Humboldt County’s missing person’s list last week after someone recognized her as a Bachelor contestant — and how her “disappearance” is connected to Arie’s final decision.

“I have a theory for [Bekah being on that missing person’s list],” Kelly said. “Bekah is the girl you choose. Wanna know why I have this theory? Because she went into lockdown. … The dealio is when you choose a bachelorette, she has to go underground. She went so deep underground her mom thought she was a missing person. You know I’m right. Tell me I’m right, right now!”

Playing it coy, Arie responded, “That’s one theory.”

To see what else Arie had to say about the incident, click the video above!

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