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You Won't Believe What The Gender Of Kim Kardashian & Kanye West's Third Baby Is!

The couple is expecting their new bundle of joy via a surrogate in January.

Sorry North West, you may have even more competition when it comes to getting attention from mom Kim Kardashian!

The 4-year-old is reportedly getting a sister, after OK! reported Kim and Kanye West are expecting the surrogate they hired to give birth in January. So much for a huge gender reveal party! After having two difficult pregnancies with her kids North and Saint and getting placenta accreta, which makes another pregnancy life-threatening., Kim and her husband opted to hire the surrogate, paying her thousands to carry their baby. The couple will pay the surrogate $45,000 in 10 $4,500 monthly installments and make a $68,850 deposit with the agency, according to reports.

North, as Kim recently told Ryan Seacrest, literally “does not like her brother,” but hopefully having a sister will make the sibling experience more enjoyable for her! Initially, Kim thought North’s jealousy was just temporary, but as she put it, “the phase isn’t going away.”

“She thinks she’s outsmarting me. She’s like, ‘where having a tea party mom,'” the reality star, 36,  shared with Ryan. “No boys allowed. Dad can’t come too then, and like, no boys.'” Well now that she is allegedly getting a sister, let’s see what excuse North comes up with this time!

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