No More ‘KUWTK’

Kim Kardashian’s Picture-Perfect World Is Crumbling, But Do Fans Even Care?

The reality star's show AND marriage could be coming to an end!


When it comes to the life of Kim Kardashian, you would think the famed reality star was a completely open book. However, a source told In Touch, the mother of two isn’t being honest about what’s going on in her personal life, especially when it comes to her relationship with husband Kanye West.

While Kim told reporters that Kanye’s absence for fashion’s biggest night was due to him taking “some time off and really loving” it, a source told IT, Kanye “did want to go with Kim to the Met Gala, but she told him to stay home.”

Their marriage is in shambles. Kim is living a completely separate life from Kanye and wants to file for divorce this summer.”

While a rep for Kim denied that their marriage is over, one thing that definitely seems to be going down the tubes is the family’s reality show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians. (No one seems to want to “keep up” like they use to)

“The Kardashian reign is coming to an end,” said a family insider. “It’s just a matter of time before they pull the plug on the show.”

Making matters worse, “Kanye is back living in his old Hollywood Hills bachelor pad,” a source close to Kim revealed. “This last year has been absolute hell for Kim and made her realize life is too short. She wants the fairy tale and knows it’s not going to happen with Kanye.”

As OK! readers know, Ye suffered a mental breakdown back in November and was hospitalized for a few weeks barely a month after Kim was robbed at gunpoint in Paris. Most recently, the rapper ditched the Met Gala (for the first time in six years) and deleted his social media accounts just days after.

“His anxiety level is at an all-time high,” said a Kardashian insider. Meanwhile, a source close to Kris Jenner dished that the family’s momager “is pressuring Kim to discuss her marriage problems on KUWTK.”

However, Kim is reportedly not down to air out ALL of her dirty laundry, especially not for KUWTK ratings.

“Kris is scrambling to come up with a plan, but Kim has told her that it may be time to hang it up,” said the family insider. “Kris is in total panic mode, and when she’s desperate, who knows what scandal she’ll come up with to keep the Kardashian and Jenner names – and the show – relevant.”

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