OK! Exclusive: Yaaaas, Honey! Quad Explains The Process For Choosing Her Wigs In The Married To Medicine Season 3 Premiere

Ever wonder how Quad from Married to Medicine decides what wig to wear on a given day? Answer: Of course you do. In this exclusive clip from Sunday’s season 3 premiere, Miss Quad goes into detail on how she chooses her hairstyle while at a photoshoot for her puppy couture line, Picture Perfect Pup.

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“She’s very smart but quite sassy,” Quad says in her dressing room in reference to her wig named ‘Veronica.’ Quad even says that she didn’t need to hide models for the shoot because thanks to her endless selection of hair looks, she (and her dogs, obviously) will be doing all the modeling themselves! “I’m every kind of woman, honey.”

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And as Quad focuses on her business ventures in the premiere episode, Toya and Dr. Simone will try to bury the hatchet at Toya’s Halloween party while Dr. Jackie attempts to get all her friends on a new diet plan. Yup, it’s quite the juicy season ahead!

Watch the exclusive clip of Quad talking about her wigs above, and tune into the season 3 premiere of Married To Medicine on Sunday, June 7 at 9pm on Bravo. 

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