OK! First Look: Briana Sneaks Around With The Guy Her Mom Hates on Tonight's Teen Mom 3

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Uh, warning to Brittany and Roxanne—do not watch this Teen Mom 3 exclusive clip. It shows Briana out on a group date with Jacob, the same guy who Bri’s mom and sister vocally expressed their hate for on last week’s episode. Bri, Jacob, two friends and baby Nova meet up for ice cream but don’t worry because they’re not sneaking around. As Briana puts it, they’re just “hanging out without anybody knowing.” Um..Briana, have your met your mother?! Roxanne knows all. This cannot end well.

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Watch the EXCLUSIVE clip above to see Briana on her date and check out an all new Teen Mom 3 tonight at 10pm on MTV! Do you think Briana’s mom and sister will find out about Jacob? Do you think Bri will continue to see him without them knowing? Tweet us @OKMagazine.

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