OK! First Look: The Redneck Heaven Girls Tell Amber Her Behavior is "Out Of Control" On Tonight's Big Tips Texas Finale

All season long we’ve seen Amber drink herself silly on MTV’s Big Tips Texas, and on tonight’s season finale, it’s finally getting addressed. In this exclusive clip from tonight’s episode, some of her fellow Redneck Heaven veterans pose an intervention of sorts, telling her that her drinking is “out of control” and she makes “piss poor decisions” and um…it ain’t pretty. Amber gets super defensive and, well, just watch the clip above to see how she handles herself.

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And then, be sure to catch the back-to-back episodes of the Big Tips Texas finale tonight starting at 11pm on MTV! Do you think her friends were right in approaching her about her drinking? Is Amber out of control or just having fun? Tweet us @OKMagazine.

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