OK! First Look: Trinity Fears That Her Boobs Will Pop Out In The Ring on This Week' Episode of Total Divas

One thing we think we’re going to learn from Sunday’s episode of Total Divas (which, BTW, just got picked up for a second season)? It’s not easy being a diva. In this exclusive clip from episode 13, Trinity talks to WWE seamstress Sandra about her concerns with her wardrobe for the night, like that her boobs are going to jiggle too much and fall out. “I can’t have a pop out in the middle of a match!” Solid point, Trinity. Solid point.

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Watch the exclusive clip above to see how the ladies handle it (as Trinity’s tag team partner, Ariane, watches on), and tune into an all new episode of Total Divas Sunday at 10pm on E! What do you think of the costumes the divas wear? Too revealing or perfect for the ring? Tweet us @OKMagazine.

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