OK! Movie Mania: Brad and Jen Reunited! Watch The New Trailer for American Hustle

Oh, did we say Brad and Jen? And did you think we met Pitt and Aniston? So sorry about that. We actually were referring to Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence, who, after both getting Oscar noms for their work in Silver Linings Playbook, are reuniting for yet another movie coming out this December, called American Hustle.

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And considering the fact that Lovelace, the film set in the 70’s starring Amanda Seyfried as the famous porn star Linda Lovelace, comes out this weekend, it makes sense that the new trailer for this film, another star-studded movie set in the same era, just hit today. And in addition to bringing Brad and Jen back together, it also reunites Christian Bale and Amy Adams who were both in The Fighter. We said it was star-studded, right? Right. Cause it is.

The trailer is pretty vague and doesn’t reveal much about the plot, but considering the cast, the fact that it’s set in New Jersey (represent) and takes place in the 70’s and thus the costumes will be amazing, we’re clearly going to be seeing the film when it comes out in December. You?

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