Has Single-Mom-To-Be Melissa Finally Found Mr Right? Watch Exclusive Pregnant & Dating Clip To Find Out!

Can you really have it all?

Melissa Meister seems to prove that you can!


The gorgeous mom-to-be has had a rough time of it—after trying for years to conceive, she finally realized her life dream of having a baby—only to have her partner of three years run off with another woman.

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But, undeterred, Melissa vowed to go it alone, and with a successful modeling and celebrity stylist career under her belt, a can-do-attitude and amazing outlook on life she’s more than well prepared for life as a single mom.

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However, when she least expected it—at nine months pregnant—it seems she may have landed herself Mr. Right to accompany her on her journey!


In an exclusive sneak peek at the upcoming episode of the WE TV hit, Pregnant & Dating, Melissa’s fledgling relationship with Eric Joseph, appears to be heading to the next level—and the hunky aspiring actor definitely flies in the face of the “bad boys” Melissa’s dated in the past!

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As if he couldn’t be perfect enough already—the 30-year-old turns up at Melissa’s door bearing gifts—a beautiful bunch of white roses, a baby carrier and a huge cuddly toy.


And then, Eric seems to know exactly the right things to say!

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“I met you at such a pivotal time of your life,” he tells Melissa. “And it’s been a great past couple of days, because getting to know you and all your friends—I’m so glad Danny introduced us—and you’re just super interesting to me.

“There’s a lot I don’t know about you still—you’re kind of like this enigma to me right now.”


Tune in for the whole episode of Pregnant & Dating, Saturday at  9/8 c on WE TV.

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