Rihanna and Cara Delevingne Are Basically Besties As They Welcome in 2014 Together

How many Instagram pictures have you uploaded in a row? Bet ya Rihanna and model bestie Cara Delevingne just beat whatever personal record you think you’re holding with their NYE snapshots. There’s usually an Insta-etiquette of  sorts, but if you actually looked at what Cara and Rihanna were doing (i.e. having the time of their lives) you won’t mind. Let’s put it in perspective. You’ll probably ask for a few more uploads.

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Rihanna, in a cropped black bodice and crisp white suit, apparently hosted a NYE rager with plenty of food, cocktails, and super chic guests. Before the attendees arrived, Rihanna and Cara hit up the vanity and got ready together, doing each other’s hair like you and your roommate did in college—probably a little more glam, though.

After dinner, the duo apparently journeyed over to Jay Z‘s club for an extended party sesh. Jealous?

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