Stream a Playlist of Cory Monteith's Best Songs on Glee

Most of us became fans of Cory Monteith when Glee exploded onto the cultural landscape. He was the sweet, goofy, overly tall football player with a good heart who just wanted to dork out and sing—basically, a dream high-school archetype. It was impossible not to root for him.

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His character went through a lot over the course of the series: He had girlfriend who lied and told him he got her pregnant (and then cheated on him), a mom who remarried and shackled him to the gay guy in school, and a star-crossed love with the most talented girl in Lima, who left him to go to New York after they got engaged. Now we’ll never know what would have properly happened to Finn.

OK! News: Glee co-star Naya Rivera releases a statement about Cory’s passing.

In all that time, he had some of the most amazing musical moments. Listen now to honor Cory’s memory!

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