Is Adam Quitting The Show? Chelsea Houska's Ex Lind BLASTS 'Teen Mom 2' Producer On Camera

Adam Lind is done!

In a sneak peek clip for Teen Mom 2, Chelsea Houska‘s ex-boyfriend and baby daddy was confronted by their producer, Mandi, over filming. “So the last time, you asked me to stay, I did, I said, ‘promise me we are going to film 12-3,’ you said ‘no problem,’ I knocked on your door. You said, ‘we are just waiting for Aubree,’ then you drove away. Why would you do that?,” she asked him. “I can do whatever I want,” Adam replied.

“We had a little agreement that we would, try to make it the best that it could be for you,” she added, and he replied, “the best thing for me is to get that f*****g camera out of my face.”

Watch the unbelievable clip above! Teen Mom 2 airs Monday nights at 9pm ET only on MTV!

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