The Little Couple Preview: Watch The Family Redecorate Will's Bedroom Ahead Of His Fifth Birthday

Birthdays are a big deal in The Little Couple household, and their parties are nothing short of spectacular. Jen threw Bill an epic surprise 40th birthday party last year, and let’s not forget Zoey’s petting zoo soiree! And tonight’s episode focuses on Will’s fifth birthday party, which Jen puts Bill in charge of planning since she get swamped with work. Let’s hope that goes off without a hitch…

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But leading up to Will’s big day, his parents decide that it’s time to redecorate his bedroom. It’s a family affair as Will, Zoey, Bill and Jen stick decals of trains, planes, cars and boats on the walls. But if Will had his way, his sister wouldn’t help with the hard-to-reach spots. “Not Zoey,” he says. “She’s tiny. I’m big.” Typical big brother.

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Watch the clip above to see the family decorate Will’s room with the stickers, and tune into The Little Couple tonight at 9pm on TLC to see if Will’s fifth birthday party runs smoothly!

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