The Little Couple Preview: Bill And Jen's Daughter Zoey Takes Her Very First Ballet Class

Now that The Little Couple‘s two kids have warmed up to the whole idea of school, it’s time to introduce some new things to their daily schedule—extra-curricular activities! While Will takes up karate as his new hobby, Bill and Jen enroll daughter Zoey in ballet class. Dressed in her very first leotard and tutu, Zoey seems like she doesn’t quite know what to think of the dance class and her little dancer friends, but then she quickly jumps right in.

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“And she walked like she’d been walking in there for the last year and a half,” laughs proud mom Jen of Zoey’s foray into ballet. “I was like, ok, bye! Don’t even wave, it’s okay honey. Mommy’s right here.”

Watch the adorable clip of Zoey at the ballet above and tune into a new episode of The Little Couple tonight at 9pm on TLC!

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