OK! Exclusive: Princess Eleanor Gushes To Ophelia About Her HOT Ex-Boyfriend Beck On The Royals

As The Royals‘ first season continues, we’re beginning to see more and more of Princess Eleanor and find out that behind all the drugs and sex there’s an actual person with real feelings. And on Sunday’s episode, we’re reminded of those emotions, as well as the bond she has with Ophelia when the two gals have a talk about Eleanor’s ex, Beck. When the Princess finds out that her first, um, sexual partner has been secretly invited by her brother Liam to the “kids getaway” in Monaco, she gets all giddy as she talks about him to her new BFF, Ophelia. But can you blame her? Look at this guy!

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E! Entertainment

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Watch the exclusive sneak peek above to see what Eleanor has to say about her first love, and tune into The Royals Sunday, April 19 at 10pm on E! to see how Jasper feels about it!

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