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Celebrity: Grace Kelly

Courtesy of RedditCourtesy of Reddit
Ready, Set, Reddit: Tuesday August 20th!
Here’s the best stuff on the front page of the internet today: Uhhmazing dude does some uhhmazing gymnastics tumbling: [r/videos] Popsicles are for kittens too: [r/aww] Electric funnies: [r/funny] Certainly an old photo, but definitely still funny: It’s Shaq & his girlfriend on Halloween: [r/funny] Here’s a waterfall in Lebanon: [r/pics] And here’s a gorgeous photo of Norway: [r/pics] Dave Chapelle‘s Read More
Oscar Nominees Bring Old Hollywood Back
The saying, "Everything old is new again," couldn't be more true in Hollywood. It's hard to find a red carpet that doesn't showcase at least one starlet trying to harness the old-school glamour of movie mavens from the past. We found uncanny similarities between some of 2013's Oscar nominated actresses and several of old Hollywood's Read More