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OK! Diet Confessions: Melissa Gorga

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star spoke to OK! at Shrine at Foxwoods and revealed her guilty pleasures!

My eating habits in one word:


Last time I felt guilty about something I ate:

"Hibachi! I ate shrimp, fried rice, noodles, vegetables and chicken and steak. And to top it off, chocolate ice cream. Guilt is not even the word!

Healthiest thing I've eaten all week:
"A bowl full of strawberries."

Least-healthy thing I've eaten all week:

"Ginger Thai fried calamari. And it was delicious!"

Last time I skipped a meal:

"Almost two times a week, I forget to eat lunch."

I'd want my last feast on earth to be…

"Ravioli with extra sauce and extra Parmesan cheese."