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3 Celebs Who Have Done Amazingly Nice Things for Complete Strangers



You’ve watched your favorite celebrities give witty, sweet, and endearing interviews on late night talk shows. You’ve dedicated hours (probably days at this point!) to their TV show marathons and can recite all their lines. And because you’ve spent so much quality time with these gems, you, well, kind of think you know them. They’re the wonderful souls you’ve connected with, right?

Well, if you’re thinking about Mila Kunis, Amy Poehler, or Amy Adams, they most definitely are! These three ladies are some of H-Wood’s best, and besides their talent on-screen, they’re known for doing incredibly nice things for complete and total strangers.

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According to Your Tango, Amy Poehler once gave up her first class plane seat on a fight going cross-country to a mother with a newborn baby!

Talk about kindness.

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Click here to learn about the nice gestures Mila Kunis and Amy Adams have both made headlines for! 

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