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Baby Bombshell! Are Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Already Trying for Baby Number Two?

Splash News

Splash News

In Kim Kardashian and Kanye Wests plan to take over the world, a baby came first (11-month-old North, of course), then a wedding—accomplished over Memorial Day weekend in spectacular fashion—and next, an expanded brood of genetically superior children. Not so fast, says Kim!

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Inside sources are reporting that, mere days before Kimye’s nuptials, Kim dropped a bombshell on her groom: She will not be getting pregnant anytime soon! “Kanye was furious,” dishes a longtime friend. “He’s been ready to have baby number two since the start of the year, but he’s had to be patient because Kim wanted to look as slim and sexy as possible on their wedding day.”

Kanye relented; after all, he’s so invested in Kim’s perfect appearance that he’s practically been her fairy godfather, dressing her in couture and accompanying her to the gym. But insiders say he’s even more excited by the prospect of a posse of kids and was expecting his bride to want to conceive immediately after saying “I do.”

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“Kim told him that they needed to wait until after they got married,” says the source. “So he agreed to bide his time. But he thought that meant the gloves were of, so to speak, as soon as they tied the knot.”

Splash News

Splash News

Kimye conceived North so easily—during a moment of lust when Kim and Kanye abandoned all precaution — that Kanye was convinced they could get pregnant on their honeymoon. “Kanye boasts that he and Kim are both incredibly fertile, and he even refers to himself as One-Shot West,” according to an insider. “That’s why he’s not happy that Kim’s gone lukewarm on getting pregnant again.”

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Kimye may have just pulled of the wedding of the year—spoiling guests with a stay at Paris’ Four Seasons, followed by chartered fights to Florence—but they’re at odds over how to spend their first year of matrimony. “Kim has felt hemmed in for pretty much the last year,” says an insider. “She wants to enjoy herself for a few months, now that the wedding is out of the way.” Besides, we all know how much Kim hated being pregnant with Nori! She’s in no rush to jump right back into it.

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But Kanye is not only in hard- core family-planning mode, he’s also admitted that he’s “desperate for a son, someone he can mold into a mini version of himself,” says an insider. “Kim knows it’s a machismo thing with Kanye. But she’ll be 34 soon, and she’s terrifed another baby will wreck her body forever.”

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