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Jason Biggs & Justin Long Give Props to Timberlake

Ode to the Justins! Last night at the 24 Hour Plays at the American Airlines Theater in NYC, Justin Long and American Pie's Jason Biggs gave props to another Justin. As in JT himself!

So, for a tale of two Justins, who do they like better: Timberlake as an actor or musician? Jason told reporters, "That's a loaded question. I will say this. I have in terms of my order of Justin's, it goes Long, you, I'm going from worst to best."

Justin chimed in that he loves watching the Grammy winner on Saturday Night Live. "My favorite thing I watch him do, I love him in everything, but I love him on Saturday Night Live." Jason responded with one simple word: "Dude."
Reporting by Mara Siegler