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Red Carpet Confidential: Model Priyanka Chopra Reveals Her Simple Skincare Tips

There’s a recipe for maintaining a flawless complexion, and apparently Guess model (and Bollywood star) Priyanka Chopra has found it.

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First, she takes her cues from environmentalists by going green—in a different way.

“When I’ve been eating too much garbage, I try and detox by going green,” the Indian-born former Miss World, 31, tells me this week during Keep A Child Alive’s 10th Annual Black Ball held at Hammerstein Ballroom in NYC. “I’m Popeye about it. I really, really go green, in a very extreme way, whenever I need to, by eating salads and spinach—green food.”

What difference does going green make?

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“It’s great for your skin,” says Priyanka, who is rocking Gio Diev booties on the red carpet. “It oxygenates your skin, and it makes you feel healthy. But the most important thing to me is water,” she says. “People don’t hydrate themselves enough, and that is important to do. It’s great for your skin, it detoxes you no matter how much crap you eat, or if you have an unhealthy lifestyle—I have a crazy lifestyle, I’m traveling all over the world, I have no timing, I keep ridiculous hours. Water is something that rejuvenates.”

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