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'X Factor' Judge Simon Cowell Says Paula Abdul Sending Drew Home was "Big Mistake"

Tensions ran high on this week’s double elimination night of X Factor U.S.A when Paula Abdul was made the final decision to send judge Simon Cowell’s pick Drew home, along with young star Astro.

“I have no idea what she was thinking,” Simon explained to OK! of Paula deciding to eliminate Drew over fellow contestant Marcus Canty and added that he thinks her choice was, “a big mistake.”

After mentoring 14-year-old Drew into the top ten, Simon felt as though the singer should have been given another chance in the competition.

“I just don't think that she deserved to go,” Simon sighed to reporters after the live show in L.A. on Thursday night of Drew’s elimination.

The former American Idol judge took the decision very personally from Paula and judge Nicole Scherzinger, who also opted to send Drew home.

“I am upset with both of them to be honest. Not just because it was my artist,” Simon said, “You’ve got to be fair about it.”

But, what did Paula have to say about the logic behind her final verdict? The former L.A. Laker Girl explained that she based her assessment off of the final ‘Save Me’ song performed by both artists in the bottom two.

“At that moment, I am not thinking. I am just saying that I need to feel an emotional connection. It’s the format of the show,” and added to her justification, “I am doing my job and if it’s a ‘Save Me’ song, don’t tell me that you have to look at consistency or who is going to be marketable. It’s a competition. I take my job very seriously.”

As for the other eliminated talent Astro – Simon says that he will be just fine in the music industry in the future.

“He'll get a record deal. I'm absolutely sure of that. And you know, he walked out like a man.”

Catch the top five conestants performing live on the X Factor next Wednesday night on FOX.