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5 Shows To Watch Tonight Like American Horror Story, The 100th Episode of Modern Family and More

Happy Wednesday! Need something to help you get to Friday? We think these premieres will help ya get there…

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The Cast of Roseanne: Where Are They Now. 8pm on TVGN. Find out what Roseanne, John Goodman, and the rest of the Conner fam has been up to since the classic sitcom ended in ’97.

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The Tomorrow People. 9pm on The CW. Watch the series premiere of the show about a guy who finds out he’s part of a genetically advanced race who has teleportation, telepathy and other crazy awesome skills. Hot guys with super powers? We’re signed up.

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Modern Family. 9pm on ABC. On the 100th episode of Mod Fam,  we meet Cameron’s sister. Think she’s as crazy at Mitchell’s sister? Only time will tell.

American Horror Story: Coven. 10pm on FX. Emma Roberts guest stars in season 3 of this show, and the first episode is called “Bitchcraft.” Genius.

Big Tips Texas. 10pm on MTV. This new MTV reality show follows the professional and personal lives of ladies who work at Red Neck Heaven, a bar in Texas. Cat fights and drunkenness will ensue. Watch the trailer RIGHT HERE!

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