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Watch: John Goodman's Best Moments as Host of Saturday Night Live

John Goodman hosted Saturday Night Live last night for an insane thirteenth time, and he was joined by some very special Christmas-y guests (including musical guests Kings of Leon!). See the very best of the episode right here!

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The show opened with a sketch mocking the Nelson Mandela sign-language interpreter. Any opportunity for Jay Pharaoh’s President Obama impression is A-OK with us.

[hulu id=n-1gagcumh8weyshqivxda width=512]

In his monologue, John Goodman and Kenan Thompson saw a beautiful holiday tune—”All I Want to Christmas Is Booty.” Yay for pervy Christmas songs.

[hulu id=ycs6jaiwbtepikknqcfrya width=512]

Kenan had an amazing night. He also teased the Fox News/Megyn Kelly kerfuffle about Santa being white by speaking out as black Santa Claus.

[hulu id=m_urgo-we25kg88bmsemzw width=512]

Kings of Leon is back! They rocked the house to promote their new album and ongoing tour.

[hulu id=ox9hlqfv5hqcdhehdfr06q width=512]

There was a fantastic short about H&M having the crazy cheapest clothes known to man.

[hulu id=picarvs9dlvg4cpqg-xmxw width=512]

And the best part of the whole episode! Robert DeNiro and Sylvester Stallone popped up to join their pal John for a holiday sketch about the “three wise guys.” We love these three. They can come share eggnog with us any time.

[hulu id=cmgo-owu6xb_1vyxy-6bfa width=512]

What did you think of last night’s episode? What was your favorite sketch? Which host are you looking forward to next? Tell us in the comments below or tweet us @OKMagazine.