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Watch: Lady Gaga's Best Moments As The Host and Musical Guest of Saturday Night Live

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She lives for the “Applause,” and that’s what Lady Gaga got last night when she proved that she’s actually pretty funny as the host and musical guest of Saturday Night Live. Missed it? Watch all the hilarious skits and Gaga performances (one of which included a surprise appearance from R. Kelly!) from SNL below:

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Gaga started off the night by doing a jazz version of her hit, “Applause,” in her monologue:

Lady Gaga – Opening Monologue by caseycarlsonx1

Then, she appeared as an Apple worker at the Genius Bar in a skit making fun of all the Kardashians (and Kanye):

[hulu id=qbx38pft9nbpmmg0dzlgig width=512]

Here’s her singing “Do What U Want” With R. Kelly:

[hulu id=pdtg0rlc74merifewwfgcw width=512]

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This one’s called “Co-Op Board”:

[hulu id=2i9cldri8omo31a50ern7a width=512]

Gaga proved she’s funny when she fake dies in the skit, “Spotlightz Acting Camp”:

[hulu id=t_maeswrpyeey7pfr93k6a width=512]

Later, she performed “Gypsy” on the piano wearing pretty typical Gaga garb:

[hulu id=ek1y6thmgncc10cwmsdjxg width=512]

And in “4th Grade Talent Show,” she played a dance mom that would make even Abby Lee Miller proud:

[hulu id=ql_owtinaiwrcbyuuqmf0w width=512]

And Gaga isn’t in this skit, but all reality TV fans will appreciate it:

[hulu id=slf6l7rzuivexnsziigokw width=512]

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So, how’d she do? What was your favorite Gaga skit of the night? Tweet us @OKMagazine.

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