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Music Monday

Music Monday: Stream a Playlist of (Who Else?) Beyonce
So as you may have possibly heard, Beyonce stunned the music industry and the world by releasing an album at midnight last Thursday with absolutely no prior warning. It didn’t just include a whole bunch of new songs—each came with …
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Music Monday: Listen to a Playlist of Cozy Winter Songs
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. It snowed this weekend in the northeast (including New York City!) this weekend, so we’re feeling really chilly and seeking some cozy comfort. Photos: Here are some super cute gloves and …
Music Monday: Listen to Britney Spears' Forgotten Songs for Her Birthday
Britney Spears turns 32 today. I’m going to let that soak in for a second. The pop singer, whom we’ve known since she was in high school, is a mother of grade schoolers and is in her early thirties. Whew.…
Music Monday: Stream a Playlist of All the Country Artists from the AMAs!
Sometimes you spend entire awards shows waiting for your favorite artist to perform, or waiting for the biggest award at the end of the night. And sometimes, in between all those acts, you can’t help but be intrigued by the …
Music Monday: Stream a Playlist of 2013's Pop Divas
Quick: Who’s your favorite pop diva? Are you more of sweet Taylor Swift girl? Do you respond to Miley Cyrus‘ twerking and tongue-wagging? Do you worship at the altar of Beyonce? The last few years have been great …
Music Monday: Cheer Up By Streaming a Playlist of Happy Music
How was your Monday? If you’re coming off a Halloween weekend full of parties, you may be exhausted—or at least the very least you’re longing for that extra hour of sleep that daylight savings provided. Photos: See 16 pics of …
Happy Birthday, Usher! Stream a Playlist of His Greatest Hits Here
Get ready to have your mind blown: Today is Usher‘s 35th birthday. I’m shocked that he’s still so young. Usher has been creating music for so long that it kind of seems like he should be sufficiently middle-aged by …
2013 MTV Video Music Awards - Press Room
Music Monday: Stream a Playlist of Bruno Mars Songs!
Mondays are the worst. If you happen to be on the east coast, you are currently working through some weirdly humid, swampy weather, and going outside is kind of the pits. So it’s time to brighten up! Bruno Mars‘ …
Film Title: Kick-Ass 2
Music Monday: Stream a Playlist for Back to School
Feel that crispness in the air (on the east coast, at least—you have a while in the west!)? It means fall, it means fashion week, and it means it’s time to head back to school. Even if it’s been a …